VideoStream SDK for iOS

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Apple’s video streaming solution is very limited – it supports only http streaming and h264 video codec, while being closed-source, rendering the task of streaming video much more difficult than it should be.

This framework extends the native solution with the following:

  • Supports streaming protocols not supported natively
  • Supports additional codecs not covered by Apple’s solution
  • Can be customized, configured and fine-tuned (such as buffering duration, audio or video raw data)

Features : 

  • Stream video from multiple protocols (http, mms, rtsp & rtmp)
  • Supports all popular audio & video codecs
  • Audio & video syncing
  • Very easy to use (similar to Apple’s MPMoviePlayerViewController API)
  • Look & feels like Apple’s MPMoviePlayerViewController
  • Works with WIFI & 3G
  • Shows detailed stream information (audio & video codecs, total streamed data in bytes, connection type)
  • Works on all iOS devices (iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5, 5S, 6, 6+ and all iPads), and supports all screen types and rotation alignments
  • Supports pausing stream
  • Supports streaming in background
  • Robust error handling